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I would have kissed you

I would have kissed you,
And all the same,
I would reject you if you were
The one approaching.
I only cared
About not sending souls to hell.

I would have kissed you,
And you could say,
I could have kissed you anyway:
Who would have noticed?

I would have kissed you,
Indeed I would.
I would have kissed you,
Had I dared.

To that bloody stupid friend of mine called ‘Mia’

Eres el refresco que abrasa mis entrañas,
eres el consuelo que anula mi valor;
me haces sentir fuerte, es verdad, pero me engañas…
Eres el placebo que aviva mi dolor.

In English:
You are the warmth that burns my entrails,
You are the relief that disables my strength.
You make me feel stronger, that’s true, but you are deceiving me:
You are the placebo that increases my pain.